About - NVD


New Vision for Disabilities

New Vision for Disabilities is located in Atlanta, Georgia, the organization was formed to assist disabled people in Africa and the world as a whole.

Our mission is to change people’s perception through:

  • Encouraging attitudinal and behavioral changes in the lives of persons with disabilities and that of non-disabled
  • Pursuing the truism that disability should not be allowed to mean inability, using positive portrayal of the achivements of disabled persons, highlighting the ability in disabilities and celebrating them.
  • Educational support in cash and in kind to children and youth with disabilities in special and/or regular schools ensuring that such students, are equiped with assistive devices which will enhance good educational practices for these students.
  • Train and equip the children and youth with disabilities to acquire skills to help them break down barriers (physical, social, economic etc.) that impede the progress of the disabled in life.
  • Provide employable skills training which will improve their chances of competing in the job market or setting in self-employment.
  • Promote sports and other recreational activities for leisure and therapeutics for various disabilities and age groups.

New Vision for Disabilities Inc. is a 501©3 tax exempt non-profit organization.